Top 20 Best Cammy White Cosplay of Street Fighter

best cammy white cosplay

Cammy White is a video game character from the Street Fighter series. She is also known as Killer Bee and her first appear in Super Street Fighter II.

She is second female fighter in the series, she was once a deadly clone assassin work for Shadaloo, before become an MI6 operative for the British government.

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Cammy have blue eyes and blonde hair, tightly slicked back, with long braided pigtails, large forelock, and a scar on her left cheek. Her body is muscular and is known for her signature outfit, a sleeveless green thong leotard.

Regardless of many cosplay of her, Her are the top 20 Cammy White cosplay.

1. Kim Kine
best cammy white street fighter cosplay
Instagram: kim_kine

2. Momokobabyke
best cammy street fighter cosplay
Facebook: momokoke

3. Fabibi
cammy white cosplay
Instagram: fabibiworldcosplay
4. Dahong (kanglim)
cammy white street fighter cosplay
Twitter: sailor_kang

5. JillStyler
hot cammy white cosplay

6. MilenaVigo
hottest cammy white cosplay
Twitter: milenavigo

7. Iruka
sexy cammy white cosplay
WorldCosplay: Iruka

8. Yohanix
sexiest cammy white cosplay
WorldCosplay: yohanixcosplay

9. Tayla Barter (Kinpatsu)
cammy cosplay
Instagram: kinpatsucosplay

10. tsuyato (艶兎(つやと))
beautiful cammy white cosplay

11. Fay PRINCE王子妃
perfect cammy white cosplay
Facebook: faycostle

12. Giovana (Yovana Alzurut)
cute cammy white cosplay
Tumblr: angyovana

13. Yumi Asakura (Canelita)
cammy white
Twitter: MCanelita

14. starbuxx
gorgeous cosplay cammy white
Deviantart: megancoffey

15. Darklolichan
cammy white cosplay hd
Facebook: deleted

16. Katherine Louize
cammy white world cosplay
Facebook: kyashii4

17. Kirasaki Kishico
cammy white street fighter
Twitter: kishico_ks

18. Hayato
cammy white cosplay photos
Twitter: hayato_cos

19. Ju Tsukino
cammy white cosplay pic
Twitter: jutsukinofc

20. goldnessyami (エヴア)
cammy cosplay images
Facebook: goldnessyami

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