Top 10 Best Japanese Video Game Franchises

best japanese games

Japan is home to some of the biggest video game franchises ever. All franchises become an icon of the video game culture.

Here is the list of the best japanese video game franchises which has become the legendary since the first, and has a lot of affect for the gaming world.

#1. Super Mario Bros

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Genre: Platforming

Super Mario Bros. is a simple game that is very easy to learn, even for kids. And the things that we always remember is the BGM and the sound effect while we get the coins, it's so addictive.

#2. Final Fantasy

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Genre: RPG

Final Fantasy is a game that focuses on the story and the deepening of the characers. Accompanied by an ever-expanding technology, the franchise always present superb soundtrack and graphics. Strategy gameplay as well as a fun turn-based match makes the franchise so phenomenal.

#3. Tekken

top 10 japanese games
Genre: Fighting

Tekken game present a more realistic fighting style and the best graphics than any other fighting game, yes, i mean fighting games.

#4. Street Fighter

best japanese video games
Genre: Fighting

Street Fighter is the legendary fighting games and had become a global phenomenon during the 1990s.

#5. Pokemon

japanese video game franchises
Genre: RPG

This game is so phenomenal, where players play to collect monster in the ball pocket called Pokemon. Also, you can build friendships to trade and fight. All the games of Pokemon series are practically great.

#6. Sonic the Hedgehog

best video game franchises
Genre: Platforming

Sonic is the biggest Mario rival in the 90s. The fast-paced gameplay of Sonic provides a new freshness of the game, which makes it stand out from other platforming games. Unfortunately, Sonic has been in decline since the Dreamcast era.

#7. Resident Evil

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Genre: Survival Horror

The scary and horror elements of this game are so deep. Almost series get positive reviews, and some of the series, including Resident Evil 4 have also been awarded as Game of the Year, and listed in the best video game that ever made.

#8. Metal Gear

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Genre: Action-Adventure Stealth

One of the most popular franchises, and has a very solid story. Stealth gameplay that is carried is also the best, and the franchise also known for the game technology encouragement at the release.

#9. The Legend of Zelda

japanese video games
Genre: Action-Adventure

There is no other game series matches the curiosity of the Legend of Zelda.

#10. Monster Hunter

best japan games list
Genre: Action RPG

The most addictive video games seris. Players will be thrown into a world filled with gigantic monsters and must fight to survive. Players make weapons and armor from prey and will be accompanied by three or more friends and can make a story of each version.

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