Top 20 Best Mai Shiranui Cosplay of The King of Fighters

best mai shiranui cosplay

Mai Shiranui is ninja character fighting game, Fatal Fury and The King of Fighters. Her characteristic "bounce" was loosley modified from a female ninja's assassination method, to be sensual to their unassuming prey before they strike.

Mai is very popular among gamer, she is even rated #4 in GameSpy's "Top Ten Babes in Games" and #5 in Game Informer's "Top Ten Hottest Girls of the 16-bit era."

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She is revealing her outfit, so her male opponents will easy to get distracted and giving her the opportunity to defeat them. With her revealed outfit, does that make the cosplayer challenged? Here are the best Mai Shiranui cosplay.

1. Momokobabyke
best mai cosplay
Facebook: momokoke

2. Manuela
best mai shiranui king of fighters cosplay

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3. Hana Dinh (Hana Bunny)
best mai shiranui dead or alive cosplay
Facebook: omgitshana

4. Seven Baby
best mai king of fighter cosplay
WorldCosplay: Seven Baby

5. Jin (JINI)
best mai shiranui kof cosplay
Twitter: jini_0507

6. Lan Fenghuang
best mai shiranui dead or alive cosplay
Facebook: Lan Fenghuang

hot mai shiranui cosplay
Twitter: yohancosplay

8. KIRA (きら)
hottest mai shiranui cosplay
Twitter: kira_58

9. candydoll
sexy mai shiranui cosplay
Facebook: Candydoll

sexiest mai shiranui cosplay

11. Kamw
hot mai kof cosplay
Twitter: ASASD0130

12. FLY736 (Kevin Lee)
mai shiranui cosplay
Facebook: kevin.lee.388

13. Zen (嫣然獅子)
mai shiranui best world cosplay
Facebook: Zen

14. Mogwa (김모과)
top mai shiranui cosplay
Twitter: mogamoga_0

15. JB
mai shiranui cosplay pics
Twitter: EnterJb

16. Sesame228
mai shiranui beautiful cosplay
Facebook: zenos1992

17. Yoyiki
mai shiranui sexy cosplay
WorldCosplay: Yoyiki

18. Chong (莊)
shiranui mai cosplay
Facebook: Chong

19. Fay PRINCE王子妃
mai shiranui sexy cosplay
Facebook: FayPrince

20. Akatsuki Tsukasa (紅月司)
mai shiranui perfect cosplay
Instagram: tsukasa821

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