5 Things You Should Know About Dead or Alive 6

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Suprisingly, Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja announced Dead or Alive 6 to the public. 1-minute's short trailer shows some new things, including more interactive environment destruction and bruised character body.

Some of things may change, some not. For you Dead or Alive fans, may these things can be your attention to know more about the new upcoming Dead or Alive game.

More Simple for Special Button
dead or alive 6 special button

Every character now can access the Special Button (R1 on PS4 and RB on XBOX One) for special attack. It's called Fatal Rush - a powerful combination attack.

Cinematic Attack
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Dead or Alive 6 also introduces a power bar that will be filled whenever you attack or defend, called The Break Gauge. Once The Break Gauge is full, you can access a ultimate attack called The Break Blow - a cinematic attack with great damage. You can also use The Break Hold - a counter attack system despite its low damage but will always succeed against the Low, Mid, or High attacks.

Less Sensual
dead or alive 6 sexy

Yohei Shimbori wanted to make Dead or Alive 6 more mature this time. Something that feels more realistic. Therefore, he reduce the level of sensuality, something that always embedded to Dead or Alive series.

Female characters still have an interesting design, but the male characters will now feel more like a fighter. The level of sensual decline is now followed by a female character's breast will no longer bouncy. The female character will be photographed with more natural and more "human."

Koei Tecmo also added more dynamic facial animation for better emotion during the fight. This system can make the character's face unattractive at some point, but will make it more realistic. The point is, Dead or Alive 6 will not make the characters always look cute.

No Longer Soft Engine
dead or alive 6 new engine

Dead or Alive 6 won't use the soft Engine that powered Dead or Alive 5: Last Round and Dead or Alive Xtreme 3. Another engine is being used, which support physical lighting differently that could not be included in DOA5, adding more realism to characters and environments.

Dead or Alive 6 will adding expressiveness. You can see emotions like crying and laughing but also reaction when hit in the face.

The image of the characters will focus on cool as the team heard from the fans at EVO 2017 the opinion that the girls were a bit to sexy and it was embarrasing to play, the request was to make a game that look cooler.

It's doesn't like the girls will lost her cute or sex appeal but this time they are focus on coolness, and believes this will be a turning point for the series.

New Characters from DOA Xtreme: Venus Vacation Won't Feature In DOA 6
dead or alive 6 new characters

Recently, Koei Tecmo in collaboration with DMM released the free-to-play PC's Dead or Alive Extreme: Venus Vacation with three new completely characters, Misaki, Luna and Tamaki.

DMM is the one that taking care of running Dead or Alive Extreme: Venus Vacation. Shimbori said, Venus Vacation is its own special and separate world, and since the three new ladies are not fighters, they won't appear in Dead or Alive 6.

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The thing that gets most attention of course the reduction of sensuality. Or you are the one who want this game looks cooler instead of full with fan service?