Top 18 Best Anime With Masochist Characters

best anime with masochist characters

Masochists are those who really like being painful. Both physically and emotionally which always ends with personal pleasure. The thing that really torments them is kindness and affection. This weird character appears in various anime series. Herea are the anime that presents masochistic characters.

1. Prison School 

masochist characters anime
Andre (Reiji Andou)

One of the only five male students at the Hachimitsu Academy, Andre, who was convicted of peering at the girls bathroom, was very fond of being tortured by Meiko Shiraki who was so voluptuous. Here Andre wants to be punished by purposely making a mistake to get a punishment.

2. MM!

best masochist anime
Sado Taro
The masochism of Sado Taro was very ill, he did various ways to get back to normal. He joined a club filled with weird people like him, one of them was a girl who was afraid of guys. The therapy done to cure Sado actually made the masochists even worse, cause the therapist was being tortured.

3. Gintama

masochism in anime
Sarutobi Ayame
I'm sure you already know who is masochist here? Yes, Sarutobi Ayame who really loves Gintoki. She really wanted to be tortured by Gintoki, but unfortunately Gintoki was not the type of sadistic person.

4. Gugure! Kokkuri-san

anime with masochist characters
The character named Inugami is a dog ghost who wants to hunt Kohina. Because he did not know what his gender was before his death, he received all forms of punishment whether as a human, dog, male or female.

5. Fairy Tail

masochist anime
One of Lucy's spirits, Virgo can also be said to be masochistic. Whatever she does he only hopes to be punished.

6. Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyou (Dog & Scissors)

female masochist anime
Suzuna Hiiragi
The editor of Kirihime, Suzuna Hiiragi who sometimes considers herself an otaku is very happy while get punishment. The prize she gets if he does a good job is to get the pleasure of punishment.

7. Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou 

male masochist anime
One of the people who lived in a boarding house filled with all freaks, one of them is a perverted masochist guy named Shirosaki.

8. Binbougami ga!

masochist in anime
Inugami Momoo
A masochist dog spirit called by Momiji, Inugami Momoo really likes being tortured and insulted by Momiji, and also other girls. It was precisely when he got love instead of torture.

9. Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!

masochist girl anime
Darkness (Latina Dustiness Ford)
One character named Darkness is a beautiful-looking knight girl who is unfortunately a masochist.
10. Mahoraba: Heartful Days

masochist boy in anime
Erika Vermillion
Romance-comedy anime that featured a female head of the occult research lab who was a masochist, enjoying strange insults and torture.

11. Rosario + Vampire 

masochist woman in anime
Toujou Roby
Anime that tells about the monster academy, which also includes witches. One of the magicians named Toujou Ruby was a masochist and pervert during training to control the power of the main character, Tsukune. In fact she allowed Tsukune to make her as a 'toy' when he was under the control of the Lilith Mirror.

12. Naruto Shippuden

masochist guy in anime
Is there no masochistic character in Naruto? Yes, it might be true, but one of the characters from Akatsuki, Hidan can be said to be masochistic, because when he uses his witchcraft, he also feels the pain experienced by the victim but for Hidan it is a feeling of pleasure.

13. Seikon no Qwaser

top masochist anime
Hana Katsuragi
This one ecchi anime has Hana Katsuragi as a masochist. She is a slave who is the subject of insult and torture every day.

14. Sabagebu!

best masochist anime
Urara Kasugano
Just because she was beaten, Urara Kasugano instead developed her masochistic side.

15. Tokyo Ghoul

masochist animanga
In the Tokyo Ghoul anime there is one masochist character named Nico. He usually acts with Yamori and members of Aogiri.

16. Akame ga Kill

anime with m characters
In here, a masochist character is Suzuka. She let himself be beaten by a group of spies. Until this moment he fantasized about being tortured by Esdeath.

17. Working!!

masochist man in anime
Tooru Minegishi
The slife of life anime about the employee in the restaurant featured masochistic character named Tooru Minegishi. Toru's masochism was truly extreme, he was not ashamed and even announced it in a public place and asked to be harassed.

18. Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san

masochist character anime
Inugami Yachiyo
This anime tells the story of a girl named Inugami (Inu means dog) who have "dog" in her name but likes cats. This girl is perverted and sometimes becomes a masochist.

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