Top 20 Hottest Female Cosplayer on Internet

sexiest cosplayer

Cosplay can't be separated from pop culture. Many people cosplaying characters from anime, movie, video game, manga or comic.

Now, I post list 20 sexiest and hottest female cosplayer over the world. They are from many country, like South Korea, Taiwan, USA and China. Calm down, for you who need the social media account's cosplayer, I also put it's here.

Top 20 Best Nico Robin Cosplay

1. Doremi Cosplayer (South Korea)

hottest cosplayer

Maybe the most sexy cosplayer in the list, or not (it's just according to each taste). In addition, she is also always the totality when cosplay, ranging from make-up and costumes. Doremi is member of Spiral Cats cosplay group since 2013.

Her real nae is Lee Hye Min, and she was born on December 11th, 1993. Come from Seoul and now lives in Suwon. She ranked 956 in the World Cosplay website with total 10.293 likes more and has at least 1000 followers.

Facebook: @DoremiCosplayer

2. Nonsummerjack (Japan)

hottest dark skin cosplayer

Non, a Japanese cosplayer, is the hottest cosplayer of all cosplayers on this list. It's can be seen from her cosplay photos. Unfortunately, Non does not have a WorldCosplay account so there are no WorldCosplay ranks for Non.

Instagram: @non_nonsummerjack

3. Rainer Tachibana (Singapore)

sexiest cosplay pics

One of the Southeast Asian cosplayers on this list. She is talented cosplayer and has cosplayed several characters from many video games. Rainer is ranked 3402 with 976 followers in World Cosplay.

Instagram: @rainer0w0

4. Tasha Spiral Cats (South Korea)

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Tasha is also part of Spiral Cats cosplay group together with Doremi. Tasha was ranked 643 in World Cosplay with 15.888 likes and has 2899 followers. Her birthday is May 12th.

When doing cosplay, like Doremi, she can be fairly brave, often her cosplay pose is so sensual, and even the pose one when she cosplay Tracer, female characters in Overwatch game, becoming the most searched in the adult websites.

Facebook: @spcats.TASHA

5. Chihiro (Taiwan)

best female cosplayer

Chihiro Chang is a cosplayer from Taiwan who was born on April 7 and has B blood type. She ranked 215 with 3759 followers on World Cosplay.

She is very perfect when cosplaying teen or adult character. One of the best her cosplay is when she cosplaying Sakura Haruno from Naruto Shippuden anime series.

Facebook: @loveno1chihiro

6. Momokobabyke (China)

hottest cosplay photos

Momokobabyke, Chinese cosplayer whose birthday on September 11, no doubt is extraordinary cosplayer. The most attention-grabbing cosplay of course is when playing characters from the One Piece series, Boa Hancock. Her ranking in World Cosplay is 7991 and has 406 followers.

Facebook: @momokoke

7. Kazumi Noomi (Taiwan)

top female cosplayer

This cosplayer one apart pretty also smart, he claims can speaks English, Chinese, Japanese, Russian and Korean. Her birthday on July 19. She has 161cm height and O blood typle. Ranked 8995 with 730 followers in World Cosplay.

Facebook: @KazumiNoomi

8. Nori (Taiwan)

hottest cosplay pics

She is beautiful Taiwanese cosplayer who has birthday on August 3rd. Her beauty was no doubt, even when she wasn't doing cosplay. In World Cosplay, she is ranked 328 with 3708 follower.

Facebook: @LOVERNORI

9. Danielle Vedovelli (Brazil)

sexy cosplay girls

The only Brazilian cosplayer on this list. Her cosplay is very good and always looks hot. She is have WorldCosplay account, but not active anymore

Facebook: @DanieVedo

10. Jessica Nigri (USA)

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Female cosplayer from the United States of America, she was born on August 5, 1989 and now she is 26 years old. Her hobbies is playing games, watching anime and reading comics.

Jessica Nigri was often to cosplay with revealing clothes. She ranked 138 with 3365 followers in World Cosplay.

11. Mei Wai (China)

most popular female cosplayer

Maybe many people have been know this Cosplayer even don't know her name. Surely, many of you haven seen her photo while she cosplayig Tifa Lockhart on internet.

Well, her name is Mei Wai, chinese cosplayer, so it's normal that very little information about it.

Instagram: @ShizukaMeiWai

12. Misa Chiang (Taiwan)

hottest cosplay

Misa Chiang has face cute like loli, was born on February 16. Misa Chiang is cosplayer with the second World Cosplay highest rank in this list, ranked 13th with 27091 more followers.

Her cute face is perfect when she cosplaying cute charaters, like Honoka from Dead or Alive game series.

Facebook: @misapage2

13. Linda Le (USA)

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Although she is one quite popular, she just ranked at 41.626 and only has 96 followers on World Coplay. She was born on December 15, 1982 in Oklahoma and currently 33 years old.

Facebook: @vampybitme

14. Bell (South Korea)

best worldcosplay

This cosplayer maybe less famous, with ranked 52.553 and only has 23 followers only on World Cosplay.

15. Mon (Taiwan)

top world cosplayer

The World Cosplay highest ranked in this list with 48298 more followers.

Instagram: @monpink11

16. Nemesia (China)

best world cosplayer

Nemesia is chinese cosplayer and has very cute and sweet. I have no much information about her, considering she is from china, unless you can Chinese language.

Weibo: @1005051842908774

17. Maousama (China)

sexiest cosplay photos

Maousama is a Chinese cosplayer, he is actually quite famous especially among the otaku, but I lack information about her, please just check her weibo account.

Weibo: @Maousama666

18. Saku Ayaka (Japan)

hot cosplay girls

One of the hottest cosplayer from Japan. Her ranking in World Cosplay was quite high, 372 with a total of 6868 followers.

19. Iori Moe (Japan)

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She is very fond of Final Fantasy and Dead or Alive, and of course his love is shown by cosplaying characters from the series. Besides that, the girl who has a birthday on January 24 also likes shooter games. In World Cosplay she was ranked 67561 with a total of 319 followers.

Instagram: @rinriniorin

20. Lola Zieta (Indonesia)

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Lola Zieta is a native Indonesian cosplayer born in Blitar, East Java on March 17, 22 years ago. Her hobby is playing video games, besides it, she also likes to draw, read comics and of course cosplay. On the World Cosplay site, Lola Zieta ranked 78901 and has 29 followers.