Top 10 Hot Female Characters of Dead or Alive

hot doa characters

You may already know the reason of Dead or Alive so popular, especially among the male gamers. Of course because this fighting game is dominated by female characters, ranging from beautiful, cute to sexy characters. This time, I will summarize Top 10 Hottest Female Characters from the Dead or Alive game.

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10. Marie Rose
hottest female dead or alive

Marie Rose is the servant of Helena Douglas. First appeared in Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate Arcade. She was the shortest fighter in the DOA, with blond hair and two ponytails with black ribbons and light blue eyes. Her appearance like a child, with looks that are younger than she really are.

9. Hitomi
sexiest female dead or alive

First appeared in DOA 3, had a slim body, athletic, and average height. Even though her mother is Japanese, she has a westernized looks. Her eyes are blue, shoulder-length brown hair arranged with straight bangs.

8. Honoka
hottest dead or alive girls

Honoka is a high school girl and martial arts expert who started her debut in games Dead Or Alive 5 Last Round. She has shoulder length hair that is pink and tied right and left and reddish eyes. Her face and body as a whole resembled Marie Rose though not the same because Honoka had a bigger chest.

7. Lei Fang
hottest dead or alive characters

Leifang has a slim and average body, feminine, and dark brown eyes. Her hair is long and usually braided. The style is sometimes also tied in two, ponytailed, or down long down. The color of her hair mostly dark brown.

6. Kokoro
sexiest dead or alive girls

Compared to other female fighters, Kokoro is the most feminine. It has gray eyes, rosy cheeks and soft facial features. Her hair is tied back. Her appearance reminded us of the female character in FF VII, Tifa Lockhart.

5. Momiji
dead or alive best girls

Momiji is a DOA character who also appeared in the Ninja Gaiden game. She is a young Japanese woman with yellow eyes and long hair tied.

4. Helena Douglas
sexy dead or alive characters

Helena is a beautiful, graceful, and gentle singer, and can even be said to be an top class beauty appearance. Have an average height and reddish skin, sharp face and blue eyes. Her blonde hair down to the waist was arranged with segmented bangs that framed her face and tied it. Her appearance approached his mother, Maria.

3. Tina Armstrong
hot dead or alive characters

Tina is a professional wrestler from the DOA series, daughter of professional wrestler Bass Armstrong. Have healthy skin and blue eyes. Her hair is brown but sometimes blond.

2. Kasumi
dead or alive female characters

Kasumi is the main protagonist in the series, especially in DOA, DOA 2, and DOA 5. Kasumi is a slim teenage girl. In DOA 5, her face was oval and narrow eyes. The length of her hair reached under the shoulder.

1. Nyotengu
dead or alive hot

Nyotengu is a female tengu. Even though she was old, but she didn't look old, even looked very young around twenties. As tengu, its appearance is not terrible, even like humans. The skin is thick creamy with a curved waist and large breasts. It is above average and has an oval face. She also has wings.

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